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The Southern Skystar 4000 HID mounts the Omni Lens on a commercially available 4000W HID light plant.  The Omni Lens is a robust, highly durable and weather-proof cylindrical lens system that eliminates sectioning rays of light, providing a more natural 360 degree illumination -- an omnidirectional solution that is easy to manage and far superior to a traditional light tower. The Southern Skystar 4000W HID is based on the proven WANCO mobile light tower, providing 6kW of energy through a Brushless Generator that burns approximately .44 gal/hr, giving a run time of 60 to 70 hrs.  Reliable, easy to use, easy to maintain -- with the Ultra Low Glare Omni Lens, the light tower can be set up in less than 2 minutes -- no aiming of spotlights, no careful positioning to avoid glare -- just raise the tower and turn it on.

Southern Skystar 4000W HID Complete Tower

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